Mikro- ja nanotekniikka

Top course in Nanotechnology. 9 -12.4.2018

Short introduction to the microfabrication processes in Micronova cleanroom includes some of the standard techniques used in semiconductor wafer patterning. This time you have a chance to draw your own design and etch it into a thin oxide film deposited on a silicon wafer. It will appear as a two colour picture, with colours defined by thin film interference (other colour is preset to deep blue, other you can define based on the interference theory). You will also see how to use microscopes that are not based on using light in imaging and you will learn how to fabricate LED’s. For the first time, this course is jointly offered by both Aalto University and VTT.

Main organisers:
prof. Ilkka Tittonen, Aalto University and
Dr. Sanna Arpiainen & Dr. James Dekker  VTT

School contact: Maija Flinkman, Olarin lukio

Applications for the course: maija.flinkman [at] espoo [dot] fi

Place:  Large lecture room,  Tietotie 3, Micronova shared jointly by Aalto University and VTT

Monday 9.4

9-12 Introduction to Micronova facilities and Nanosciences. Ilkka Tittonen (Aalto University).
Introduction to microfabrication in the cleanroom and mask drawings. Design software for thin film interference. Sanna Arpiainen, James Decker (VTT)

12-13 Lunch break

13-16 Photonics group  Zhipei Sun (Aalto University)

Tuesday  10.4

9-12 Solar energy, Hele Savin  (Aalto University), lecture and building of an electric car + competition

12-13 Lunch break

13-16 Microfabrication: Lithography with mask aligner and laser lithography Miika Soikkeli (VTT).

Wednesday 11.4

9-12 Microfabrication: Dry-etching of dielectrics and silicon (James & Gao)

12-13 Lunch break

13-16 Visits to research labs in Micronova

Thursday 12.4

9-15 Scanning near field optical microscope, Atomic force microscope, GaN LED chips & MOVPE,
Ramesh Raju and Sami Suihkonen Aalto University

James Decker VTT could also show stuff in the SEM of the micropatterned deep etched wafer; also cross section)

Friday 13.4

School presentations


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